Film and Video Production Program

Do you have a penchant for making videos or short movies? You can turn this desire into a full career as an independent filmmaker or Hollywood director. Typically workers in the field of film and video production begin as freelancers before moving up through more competitive positions. Television, video, and motion picture operators are just a couple of careers you can have in this industry.

Film and Video Production Program Success Factors

If you are going to be operating a camera then you need a specialized skill set for artistic abilities including good eyesight and accurate and detail oriented work. As an editor you require the necessary skills to piece together a film with the best scenes recorded for a complete and balanced product. It is also helpful to have business related skills such as grant writing, proposal writing, and knowledge on how to write bids.

Film and Video Production Program Majors

Film directors, editors, and camera operators are three positions one can find after film and video production program. It is possible to be a TV news camera person, independent filmmaker, movie director, movie camera operator, or podcast producer.

Film and Video Production Program Curriculum

Formal postsecondary training is required to make a name for oneself in the film and video industry. Courses at a vocational program or college will require courses in cover equipment, photography, processes, and techniques that all deal with how to use a camera, production equipment, and editing equipment. Film programs offer artistic courses for help with expression of emotion on film. Lighting and business courses are also part of the curriculum.

Film and Video Production Program Degrees

If you are interested in film and video production it is best to pursue a bachelor's degree. Vocational level certifications and associate degrees are helpful in starting out in the industry; however, to be taken seriously by others in the field you want more training. It needs to be well rounded like the bachelor program will provide.

Film and Video Production Jobs

Employment opportunities have changed over the years, opening up more opportunities for students in the film and video production industry. The internet with blogs, podcasts, advertorial videos, and YouTube has made it possible for amateur filmmakers to get recognition. Besides freelance work, jobs in newspapers, television, motion pictures, and music videos are possible. It is a highly competitive industry with less than half of the graduates attaining the position they desired.