Finance School

The world of finance is a rather large one. In finance school you will learn much more than just about financial statements, money management and corporate finance. You can actually learn about economics, global economies, and stock markets. As the economy grows over the next decade, you will have a wealth of opportunity in this field

Finance School Success Factors

Most obviously, you will need to have a strong mathematical background for a career in finance. However, you will also need to have great critical thinking skills so that you can easily analyze information and apply theories and models to various situations. Good oral and written communication skills will also help you go far in finance school.

Finance School Majors

There are several areas you can major in within finance school. The most common finance majors are corporate finance, money management, financial planning, investment banking and corporate real estate. You can also major in economics, stock markets and commodities, or any combination of all of these subjects. Your major should be chosen before you begin school so that you know which courses you need to take, and what path your career will be on when you finish with school.

Finance School Curriculum

In finance school you will learn the intricacies of the world of financials and economics. Whether you focus on national, global or corporate finances, you will learn all of the basics of preparing and reading financial statements, predicting financial environments, and planning financially for the future. You will have many additional courses based on the major that you choose to persue.

Finance School Degrees

There are several degree programs available in finance school. Those majoring in corporate real estate or money management may be able to get away with an Associates degree. Most students will need at least a bachelors degree in order to persue their career goals. Those who wish to study global and national economies will likely need to persue a masters degree in order to be taken seriously in that field. Doctorate degrees are also available for those who wish to get really involved in economics.

Finance Jobs

When you complete finance school you will have any number of jobs available to you. Financial planners, stock brokers and investment bankers are constantly in demand, and that demand is expected to grow over the next decade. Economists, both global and national, are also in high demand in today's unstable economic times.