Florida Colleges and Universities

Let's face it, when it comes to picking states for colleges for most people the warmer the better and it doesn't get any warmer than Florida. Sure, it's a great destination to spend your golden years, but Florida also offers up pristine beaches, non-stop nightlife and plenty of theme park action. But you're there to learn and learn you shall with over 500 colleges to choose from. It's not all fun at games at the University of Florida in Gainesville or Florida State University in Tallahassee. If it was all fun then they wouldn't be rank at among the best colleges in the country. As for private institutions of higher learning are concerned there is a group of 28 colleges that make up the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida. Among those esteemed campuses are Rollins College and the University of Miami.

On the community college front, Miami Dade College has been successfully graduating students and that's despite the closeness to South Beach! For the best liberal art school you can consider New College of Florida in Sarasota.

Florida Degree Options

As you can imagine, there are just as many degree programs in Florida as there are palm trees. Perhaps not that many, but when you enroll in college in Florida you'll be able to earn a bachelor's, a masters, an associate or certificate in a fantastic range of curriculums. Topping the list would be University of South Florida, University of North Florida or University of Central Florida. No matter which compass direction you choose, you can earn a degree in Florida with ease.

If you are considering hands-on training for your degree option you might want to check out the many certificate programs offered in the culinary arts, information technology and cosmetology. Perusing any one of three of those fields of study could land you a job right in the state.

For those students who find the temptation of the beaches too great, you can still earn a degree in Florida as long as you have Wi-Fi. Practically all of the Florida colleges over their own options when it comes to distance learning. This mean you could hit the internet in the am and the beaches in the pm. What could be better than that?

Florida Career Path

The number one industry in Florida is the tourist industry. There's a degree for that, but you won't be learning how to dress up as a cartoon character. The hospitality & restaurant management courses are not only geared for the Florida tourism industry but for worldwide hospitality as well. You'll find decent programs for this industry at Lynn University and St. Petersburg College. Next up for a career path could be work in the business or financial markets that are central to Florida's success. Check out the Florida International University for these courses.