General Arts and Design School

General arts and design is a wide category when discussing possible online and educational degree programs. As a varied option it is possible to have careers in a number of fields such as painting, sculpting, and illustration as a freelancer. There are other career options which include working for the government such as a forensics facial reconstruction expert. The nature of the work is such that an artist or designer can choose their medium to work in and then they will fall into a specific category of which there are four: art director, craft artist, fine artist, or multi-media artist.

General Arts and Design Success Factors

To promote your work it is necessary to have a strong skill set in your choice of occupation. An art director requires knowledge of public interest, key artistic works, and the ability to promote it. In craft or fine art careers for general arts and design the skill set is based more on talent with the medium they work with. In this case it would mean working with paints, sculpting material, or being able to draw with multimedia or other design products. Fine artists usually have good communication skills for promoting their work in museums, galleries, or through commissions.

General Arts and Design School Majors

General arts and design can include careers as art directors, graphics designers, animators, software publishers, newspaper, photography, video and motion picture industries, as well as freelance work. General programs for art and design will include all media, artistic mediums, and background education on past artists and designers.

General Arts and Design School Curriculum

Many of the colleges and universities with general arts and design programs offer degree choices with core subjects like English, social science, natural science, and math. Independent schools have a varied training program with studio training in arts and crafts, along with internships to help students continue their education in a work related environment.

General Arts and Design School Degrees

Bachelor's and Master's degrees in general arts and design are possible. There are also certificate programs that require less schooling in the core subjects. Typically these programs last from one to four years, and may include postsecondary education for business related topics based on the career option chosen.

General Arts and Design Jobs

The career field of arts and design is highly varied with many of the current positions open in design, graphic design, animation, and video. Other career opportunities include archivists, curators, museum technicians, floral designers, interior designers, jewelry designers, and metal workers. Photography and architect positions are also available.