General Arts and Design Degree

Being an artist is not something you usually think about studying. Most artists and designers have shown talent for artistic expression throughout their life. General arts and design degree is only necessary to hone these raw skills to create the best artist or designer one can be. Artists typically fall into four categories: art director, fine artists, multimedia artists, and craft artists.

General Arts and Design Degree Success Factors

Success factors in general arts and design include more than the ability to communicate ideas, feelings, and thoughts through art. There is a need to display talent and skill for the medium you choose whether it is in handmade or computer generated works. It is also important to be organized to show others your work through a portfolio.

General Arts and Design Degree Majors

Several majors exist for those taking general arts and design, including pastry product maker, web designer, system engineers, fashion design, graphic design, software developer, visual arts, instructors, and art directors. A major for an art director is going to require more history of art than creation and design.

General Arts and Design Degree Curriculum

A plethora of courses are offered through general arts and design programs such as basic art courses on how to draw, use sculpture materials, and other craft items. As the program continues, more in-depth courses are offered for students to express and hone their artistic talents. Training is often offered with core subjects such as natural science, math, social science, and English. Art history courses and work in a studio is prominently factored into any program.

General Arts and Design Degrees

Training is based on skill level. An associate degree in arts is required for entry level work. It is possible to work through a four year bachelor's program to show the talent the artist has. Art directors need at least a Bachelor of Arts, but can do with a master's or doctorate to further their career.

General Arts and Design Jobs

Job outlook for general arts and design is difficult to project due to the popularity of the field and lack of available jobs. There are more talented artists than there are positions, which is one reason most seek freelance work.