General Arts & Design Program

When you picture someone who's into arts and design, the first thing many of us picture is the starving artist, hocking their work for much less than it took to make it. For many years in history this was an accurate idea; however, times have changed. Those who are interested in art and design no longer have to worry about what they can do for a living. Art and design degree programs can cater to many fields, such as technology, business, or other creative fields.

General Arts & Design Program Curriculum

No longer is art and design confined to an art studio: an art and design degree can be earned on campus or online. Many college campuses have evening and weekend classes for those unable to attend courses during the day. If going to a physical campus doesn't appeal to you, you can get many of the art and design degrees online. Since today's artwork is often done using programs like Adobe Photoshop and other art work software, being physically in class is no longer a requirement. Online courses are designed with full time workers in mind and can be scheduled during the evening hours, after dinner time and well before bed time.

General Arts & Design Program Degrees

While most people used to think that art and design is only taught in small artist studios with no accredited value, times have changed drastically. Now someone going for an arts and design degree can get a certificate, an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or even a master's degree, depending on the chosen area of study.

General Arts & Design Jobs

No longer is an artist confined to the pen and paper media. Instead of being confined to the brush, a person with an Arts and Design degree can go into a variety of fields. These fields include: graphic design, fashion, computer arts, fine art, motion picture and television, interior design, illustration, visual communication, game art, web design, or even photography. While each of these fields will have their own skill set and course design, all share the same basic fundamentals in art and design. This means that if you get an arts and design degree in one field, you can go back to program and use some of those credits toward another field within the arts and design area.