General Business School

The topic of general business as it applies to educational degrees is widely varied due to the many different businesses in existence. A general business degree is an overview program with topics such as accounting, financing, management, education, administration, and types of businesses as the main focus. A person that obtains a general business degree can work in a myriad of different positions by working from the bottom entry level positions up through management. The term general implies that the business program is not specific to one area of expertise which it is not, though certain business positions can require a specific area of knowledge.

General Business School Success Factors

Individuals who can increase their skill set in the business structure will find more positions are open to them. It is important to begin with the basic general business skills that a program can offer such as decision making, communication, team building, organization, and management skills. A high level of English and math skills can be most helpful to have or learn.

General Business School Majors

Accounting, government, finance, management, operations, purchasing agent, executive, auditors, actuaries, agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, retailers, transportation, and utilities are a few areas you can work in with a degree. Information business can also be part of a major in general business.

General Business School Curriculum

Classes provided in a general business degree program will take 2 to 4 years. These courses include the core programs like English, math, and social studies. They will also include such information as introduction to business, intermediate, advanced, and move on through some of the more important subjects such as accounting, general finance, how to write business plans, grants, and proposals.

General Business School Degrees

General Business is usually an Associates or Bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree can be obtained in as little as 2 years, with a full education. It is possible to earn a Master's degree in business or MBA.

General Business School Jobs

Since general business is such a wide open topic almost any business position is open to a person with the right education. Typically, career options include anything from a basic level associate in a corporation up to an executive, once a work history has been established. In business an internship that leads to higher paying positions is important. Most business degrees begin with paid or unpaid internships before becoming a full time associate at a place of business. Entrepreneur opportunities also exist for those who can secure the proper financing