General Business Degree

General Business is a wide topic that can begin you on a journey to a business career in a variety of fields. With a general degree in business it is possible to advance to management, administration, human resources, accounting, financing, and entrepreneurship. Through your studies you will learn how to create a business plan, accounting, some human resources, and take part in an internship.

General Business Degree Success Factors

Based on the position you seek you may need further skills than those listed here; however, the main skill set you require are to be flexible, analytical, detail oriented, decisive, and have good communication skills (written and verbal). Team work skills are also important, and if you have leadership tools you may find management is open to you.

General Business Degree Majors

Majors in general business include accounting, finance, administration, management, and clerical. The level of your degree will help you choose which level of business you are qualified for. In general business, you are able to take on a myriad of jobs within your career, from basic level clerical up to executive management, with work advancement. You may also decide to take your general business studies and make it into a specialty based on your strengths whether it is in computers or food service.

General Business Degree Curriculum

General business begins with entry level courses such as math, science, history, foreign language, and introduction to business. In a two year program courses in management, team building, finance, accounting, and technical writing are going to be part of the curriculum.

General Business Degrees

There are a few choices in degrees you can go for. You can go through a vocational degree for a certification or associate degree. This is a two year program or less depending on the degree. A longer program can result in a bachelor degree in general business. Most students seek at least a master's in business in order to reach management levels over time.

General Business Jobs

The job outlook for general business is not overwhelming, unless you decide on entrepreneurship. With general business skills you can work in a variety of basic and mid level business positions, which allow you to gain on the job training to advance. However, a bachelor's or master's degree will help further your advancement in a short time. It also helps to have one specialty in addition to general business to be more marketable.