General Business School

No matter what your life circumstance or where you are in your career, a general business school degree may be exactly what you need to take your life to the next level. Whether you're fresh out of high school, a recent college graduate, or a working professional looking to advance your education, a general business school will build fundamental business skills and make yourself more marketable for higher-paying jobs. You will be able to apply a general business school degree in countless ways, since companies of all types need employees with the skill sets taught at general business schools.

General Business School Majors

General business schools offer a number of majors to prepare you for an area of specialization in the workplace. Each major includes a series of core courses in business functions to give students a breadth of knowledge, in addition to the depth of understanding within their selected major. Majors are commonly available in accounting, general business, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, international business, marketing, operations management, and real estate.

General Business School Specializations

Since companies require an increasing amount of specialization in order for you to be competitive for available jobs, you'll need to specialize when you attend general business school. General business schools offer many areas of specialization for you to study en route to earning your degree. Areas of general business school specializations include accounting, applied management, general business, business coaching, business communications, business information systems, business leadership, business specializations, conflict management, customer service, e-business and ecommerce, economics, engineering management, fashion, finance, health administration, hotel and hospitality management, human resources, international business, management, marketing, medical office, operations management, organizational management, project management, real estate, risk management, small business management, sports management, technology management, and training.

General Business School Curriculum

A general business school curriculum is designed to give you a breadth of experience in many phases of business. A typical general business school curriculum includes a broad liberal arts experience, global business, foreign languages, global area studies, a broad business core, and on-the-job experience through a co-op program.

General Business School Degrees

Many general business schools provide degrees at every level, including a Business Administration Associate's degree, a Bachelor's of Business Administration, and a Master's of Business Administration (MBA). Your eligibility for each general business degree is contingent upon your previous level of education.

General Business Jobs

General business is a broad major, covering just about every major aspect of business. Thus, you can anticipate a broad job market for after graduating from a general business school. A general business degree can help you obtain an entry-level position at a company, get a raise at your current job, or increase your competitiveness for management-level positions.