General Criminal Justice School

General criminal justice is the starting point to many exciting career opportunities such as police officers, lawyers, paralegals, court reporters, judges, magistrates, CSIs, guards, and US marshals. With a general degree program students obtain an overview of the criminal justice system, what the job positions offer, certificates, and a chance to earn a degree through a longer education program. The legal system affects society in various ways, from beginning a new law to defending those who are considered guilty of a crime. To support the legal system individuals with the right skills and motivation can find the perfect career in criminal justice.

General Criminal Justice School Success Factors

Criminal justice can require a myriad of skills from strong communications, decision making skills, to more specific criteria in understanding the legal system and laws that currently exist. Anyone in the general criminal justice field must be able to communicate through written and verbal communications. They must also be able to act accordingly based on situations and job position. For example, a police officer is taught skills for fighting, negotiating, and solving criminal acts, as well as helping the public.

General Criminal Justice School Majors

General criminal justice schools provide education programs in how to become police officers, emergency responders, 911 dispatchers, lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. The programs will bring students through the basics of law, how the criminal justice system works, and then provides the necessary skill sets to succeed.

General Criminal Justice School Curriculum

Based on the type of criminal justice career the curriculum can vary. A lawyer requires a four year degree program in general studies before moving on to law school for a law degree. A police officer can obtain training through a training academy that lasts for one to two years based on the state and type of training required. With general criminal justice the student learns only basic information for a foundation to a more specific position in the field.

General Criminal Justice School Degrees

Certificate programs are available for paralegals, legal assistants, and police. These certificates show the necessary program was completed. A bachelor's level degree is more specific with core studies and certain electives in criminal justice. Once a bachelor's degree has been obtained law school or a master's program can be found.

General Criminal Justice Jobs

Employment in recent years has increased such that the 20,000 or more graduating students with general criminal justice degrees can find positions to fill. There are more than 760,000 lawyer jobs out there, with a quarter available for up and coming graduates.