General Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal justice is the body of government that works to uphold social stands and works to deter crime. The justice system is where new precedents can be set, as well as upholding laws we have had for centuries. Within the criminal justice system, criminal penalties and rehabilitation are offered. If you like to help people, feel that one should have their day in court, and want to solve crimes, a career in general criminal justice can be your next step. Probation officers, correction officers, police officers, fire inspectors, social and human service assistants, social workers, lawyers, judges, court reporters, paralegals, and legal assistants all work in the criminal justice system.

General Criminal Justice Degree Success Factors

There are two ways most people decide to go in general criminal justice: they become lawyers to uphold laws in court or some form of police officer. Both career paths require an attention to detail, organization, team work, and an overall sense of what justice is. Tools to help you will be an investigative mind and a willingness to help others.

General Criminal Justice Degree Majors

Social work, law representation, police, corrections, and assistant positions all have degrees for you to major in. If you elect to obtain a general criminal justice degree you can go to work in any of the aforementioned fields. Some careers may require further education; however, all will have a basis in general criminal justice.

General Criminal Justice Degree Curriculum

Courses in criminal justice will start off basic with an overview of the law, what criminal justice workers do, and you will be trained on some of the more general points in this career field. Some math, English, and science is required, though the emphasis will be mostly on law courses after the core studies have been taken. For example, introduction to criminal justice, multicultural issues in CJ, intro to law enforcement, and sociology/ psychology courses are necessary.

General Criminal Justice Degrees

A certification will provide a paralegal with the necessary education. To practice as a lawyer a four year Bachelor's program and two years of law school, plus passing the bar is required. Police officers have their own training degrees with a one year program.

General Criminal Justice Jobs

There is a high burnout rate for certain careers in general criminal justice, which means jobs are available at local and state government levels. Many lawyers begin their own practices.