General Education and Teaching School

Education can be a fun career if you enjoy teaching children, teenagers, or adults. General education and teaching is specific to teaching children or teenagers in a school system over that of providing postsecondary education. Educational qualifications can vary from a teaching certificate up to a PhD. Positions available in education and teaching includes nursery school teachers, K-12, remedial, and teacher's assistants.

General Education and Teaching School Success Factors

Educating the children of the future requires some very specific skill sets, based primarily on the level of education you will provide. Elementary teachers require early childhood education courses to prepare them for young children and how to teach these young minds. Patience, strong communication at the child's level, and being able to communicate with parents are skills required. Dealing with teenagers requires a different skill set based on their level of education and development. Most teenagers prefer to be thought of as adults so communication, patience, and creativity are often necessary.

General Education and Teaching School Majors

Nursery school, K-12, remedial, and teaching assistant positions are all available to a person with general education and teaching certificates, bachelor's or master's degrees. Education and teaching can also include such fields as writing, illustrating, or creating the educational materials used in a school setting.

General Education and Teaching School Curriculum

A certificate program will provide entry level education regarding child development, social studies, math, science, and English. A higher level program requires the core subjects along with electives in a chosen field. For example, a high school science teacher will have a degree program based in scientific education, with a certificate program in teaching.

General Education and Teaching School Degrees

Certificates are required for teachers' assistants. This program gives the assistant the opportunity to work in the school system without direct involvement in how the class is run. To be a full teacher with benefits a bachelor's, master's, or PhD is necessary. The Master's program is one year, in addition to the four years for the bachelor's degree.

General Education and Teaching Jobs

Careers in general education and teaching are high priority because the school systems require good solid teachers who can provide the education required for future leaders. The industry for teachers is down in the current economy for the positions available, unless a certain skill set can be shown by you. Anyone who has a specific education in training and teaching will find that possible positions are open.