General Education and Teaching Degree

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions because you have a chance to educate the students who are our future. You have several career paths to choose from, such as elementary, middle, or high school teaching positions. You may also choose education information technology where you create new programs for students, rather than teaching them directly. Eventually your studies in general education and teaching could lead to education administrator positions, where you work with other teachers and manage degree systems.

General Education and Teaching Degree Success Factors

Success in general education and teaching is based on passion. You may know all of the information in your textbooks used for the classes you teach, but if you cannot teach that information successfully you will have trouble. Passion allows you to bring your love of the subject to the student, and provide it in a way that really teaches the student. Written and verbal communication, with a little bit of psychology is most helpful as a skill set.

General Education and Teaching Degree Majors

Teaching assistants, education administrators, all degree teachers and college professors, and education information technology workers go through general education and teaching before choosing a specialty to work in. Teachers can come from all backgrounds with foreign languages, science, math, social studies, psychology, and majors.

General Education and Teaching Degree Curriculum

There are more than 80 different courses that could be part of your general education and teaching curriculum. Algebra, English grammar, geometry, physics, accounting, history, chemistry, physical science, biology, astronomy, child psychology, child development courses, psychology, and remedial education courses are available for this degree program. Certain courses are offered based on degree choice.

General Education and Teaching Degrees

A teaching certification allows general education and teaching at an assistant level. To be a full teacher in a degree a master's in teaching or doctorate is required. Another option is the Ed.D. degree for education administrators.

General Education and Teaching Jobs

Job prospects will vary based on the state. Good teachers who really reach their students are hard to find. With the current economic climate, though, many degree systems have had to cut back on tenure and the amount of teachers they have on staff. With a competitive market, you may have to consider moving to find a position.