General Healthcare School

Medical assistants, dental assistants, cardiologists, veterinarians, and other medical personnel all have one thing in common. These individuals began with a general healthcare program that eventually allowed them to gain the necessary education in their specific field. Healthcare incorporates several industries from CNA, RNA, medical assistants, and dental assistants. A certificate program in general healthcare will start you on your way to gaining a position you enjoy and love.

General Healthcare School Success Factors

The three major skills required for anyone on general healthcare include a good bedside manner, ability to communicate succinctly, and to have a strong mind for science. Each industry in the healthcare field will have its own skill set. For example, a nurse is required to have basic knowledge of gaining vitals, drawing blood, and charting that information for the doctor. A person working in the research field of healthcare may need chemistry, biology, and strong math skills.

General Healthcare School Majors

General healthcare opens the doors to a variety of basic and midlevel positions in doctors, dentists, vets, personal care, protective care, massage therapists, and other medical related offices. Medical billing, medical transcription, research, DNA research, and clerical fields such as a medical secretary are all options under general healthcare.

General Healthcare School Curriculum

General courses require math, science, and English to help you communicate effectively in the work environment. Most certificate programs will focus more on social studies, psychology, and your ability to take vitals and draw blood.

General Healthcare School Degrees

Certification or a bachelor's degree in general healthcare is possible. A certificate program can run for eight weeks to over three years based on the type of education you are seeking. Many of the degree programs are available through online accredited colleges or community colleges.

General Healthcare Jobs

At the end of a degree program for healthcare, you will have the option of going through an internship to help solidify your skills. Several CNA's and RNA's find a position is available through the company they interned for. Healthcare is one of the most demanding industries that never seem to have enough medical professionals. Each state has a huge demand for certified professionals. An estimated growth of 35 percent in general healthcare is expected. This information was based on 2006 to 2016, meaning a 35 percent growth in ten years for the healthcare industry.