General Healthcare Degree

General healthcare is a broad topic in which nurses, CNAs, RNAs, medical assistants, and even doctors will find basic training. Healthcare as a whole offers administration, research, assistant, and doctor positions, though a general program will provide only basic job training. By earning a general healthcare degree you will be qualified for medical assistant, CNA, and clerical work. You may also be able to work as a medical billing secretary or medical transcriber.

General Healthcare Degree Success Factors

The success factors for general healthcare include a helpful bedside manner, organized mind, and the ability to work with a team. It is important to be able to plan, organize and maintain records, as well as keep others healthy.

General Healthcare Degree Majors

A general healthcare degree has a few areas in which you can major or prepare for additional training. With this basic level of training students can work as assistants, medical clerical assistants, billing secretaries, or as certified nurse's aides. For those who wish to move to a higher level position additional degree is needed, which opens the possibilities of doctor, RNA, nursing, and administrative positions.

General Healthcare Degree Curriculum

For a general healthcare curriculum you should expect core classes such as financial accounting, payroll accounting, Quickbooks, intro to managerial accounting, business law, criminology, taking vitals, Microsoft Office, keyboarding, math, CPR, and First Aid. Depending on the degree you choose the curriculum may offer this or more. It will also be based on your current level of education.

General Healthcare Degrees

CNA and medical assistant certification are the main degrees in a general healthcare degree. It can also include dental assistant, hygienist, and other basic level clerical certifications. Longer programs for general healthcare can include more in depth science, chemistry, biology, anatomy, and other courses, which lead to Bachelor's, Master's and eventually doctoral degrees.

General Healthcare Jobs

With the various job positions one can find in healthcare, whether it is as a front office person or research assistant there are definitely positions to be found in all 50 states. A high turnover rate ensures that there are always jobs available in this career path. There are also a high degree of baby boomers looking for healthcare right now, which means more doctors, specialists, and other types of healthcare are required- opening the industry to CNAs, medical assistants, and other general help in the healthcare industry. Since people are always becoming ill, in need of general medical and long term care the amount of jobs will always be steady or increasing.