General Hospitality School

Hospitality is considered the relationship that is found between a host and a guest at a restaurant, hotel, or other hospitable location. In fact, the hospitality industry is one of the largest industries because it can be found throughout a variety of different business opportunities due to the fact that it requires an employee to serve a guest to their fullest capabilities. However, general hospitality is considered to exist in resorts, membership clubs, attractions, special events, conventions, and other service industries as it relates to tourism.

General Hospitality School Success Factors

The most important skill a person can have in general hospitality is communication both in a verbal and written form. The ability to communicate regarding a guest's needs is paramount to satisfying that customer. The manner in which to communicate is also necessary. For instance, a host needs to be able to read body language, interpret meaning, and use quick and decisive thinking regarding any complaint, problem, or compliment given by the guest.

General Hospitality School Majors

General hospitality is considered a business industry. Therefore, majors involved in hospitality are often management, business, finance, CNA, customer service representation, and communications degree programs.

General Hospitality School Curriculum

Students learning general hospitality will take specific courses in how to handle business related affairs such as problem solving, communications, and customer service. All of these topics are grouped under management courses, with core programs in math, science, education, social studies, and English. Hospitality often requires a second language course.

General Hospitality School Degrees

Hospitality can offer a couple of degree programs such as a certificate, bachelor's, or master's degree. The Master's degree is often an MBA meaning Masters in Business. General hospitality courses last from two to four years depending on the college degree program you seek. The typical course is two years, with an additional two years in a specific industry such as resort or restaurant education.

General Hospitality Jobs

The hospitality industry is always growing. With each new hotel, resort, member club, or restaurant opened there is a demand for competent help. The industry does require a certain type of personality, one that is extroverted and helpful. Since the hospitality industry also calls for patience, understanding, and the ability to get things done it is hard to find the perfect hospitality hosts. If you enter this degree program you know that positions at a resort, restaurant, or membership club are going to be available to you and availability will be based on current economic conditions.