General Hospitality Degree

Hospitality is required in almost every field including retail and hotel industries. A general hospitality degree qualifies developers, operators, and consultants to work in various industries. Business administrators, managers, customer service representatives, hotel clerks, entrepreneurs and retail sales people all work in the hospitality industry. If you enjoy being a part of a team, helping others, and making people comfortable, hospitality might be the right career choice for you.

General Hospitality Degree Success Factors

The biggest tool you can have in your arsenal is managing people through verbal, written, and nonverbal communication. Reading body language, tone, facial expressions, and the written word will help you determine the mood of the individual you are helping in your chosen industry. Other skills that can help are for you to be detail oriented, organized, and friendly.

General Hospitality Degree Majors

Customer service, sales, administration, clerical, and general hospitality provide the majors you might want to pursue based on your skill set. You can be back office personnel in the hospitality industry or work towards a master's in business to run a company. It is also possible to train as a chef, baker, hostess, or waitress to fulfill this area of hospitality positions.

General Hospitality Degree Curriculum

General hospitality degree courses may vary depending on the degree you choose; however, these topics are fairly standard: food service management, intro to management, hotel/restaurant/ travel law, food and beverage cost control, human resources, accounting, foreign language, and marketing. From there the subjects can branch out into more in depth information, as well as include sociology, food preparation, customer service, and team building exercises.

General Hospitality Degrees

General hospitality can start with a certification program through a vocational degree. This basic certification will lead to entry level positions, whereas an associate, bachelor's, or masters degree will lead to higher level positions within a year or two out of degree.

General Hospitality Jobs

General hospitality jobs include maid service, concierge, desk clerk, restaurant staffs, all the way up to management levels. The hospitality industry is mostly food service and resorts, though a car rental company, airline, retail store, or anywhere that customer service is required can be considered hospitality as well. Certain states have a faster growing industry than others, such as Las Vegas, Nevada with new hotels and casinos springing up each year. Hawaii is also a state that has a high number of hospitality positions.