General Information Technology Degree

Information technology is a term used for the entire computer technology industry; however, it is meant to apply to computers and their software which manage information. The IT department is responsible for storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, and retrieving information. A general information technology degree will teach you all areas of this industry, allowing you to choose from several corporate or freelance positions.

General Information Technology Degree Success Factors

Success is based on a certain skill set, which you should have after taking general information technology courses. Computer networking, information security, IT governance, ITIL, business intelligence, Linux, Unix, and project management skills are required. You should have tools for teamwork, verbal and written communication, and basic computer processes.

General Information Technology Degree Majors

Information security, Oracle Database, Microsoft, Cisco, PMP, IT, Computer Networking, IT, ITIL, and business intelligence are certifications you can earn under a general information technology course. There are also majors for system administration, database administration and Chief Information Officer careers.

General Information Technology Degree Curriculum

The curriculum can vary from degree to degree for general information technology though the principle course information is often similar. English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Human Relations, and introductions to computers, technology, programming, project management, and operating systems are part of the degree program. Also courses in networking, XHTML, CSS, Interface Design, web design, systems and literacy, and general IT electives are part of the degree program.

General Information Technology Degrees

Certifications from vocational skills are possible in general information technology. A good level to start at is an associate of applied science degree in order to work towards a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in general applied science.

General Information Technology Jobs

General information technology is like any general degree. It provides you with an educational base to find almost employment, rather than specializing you for one particular area of the industry. With general IT you can work in a corporate IT department, program computers, write new software, set up computer networks, design websites, run a server, and work in basic applied science positions.