Liberal Arts School

Earning a degree in Liberal Arts is going to give you a more well-rounded educational experience than that of a vocational or business program. The Liberal Arts programs available to you will give you an introduction to an array of books, studies, philosophies and ways of thinking. The variation of teaching a student how to think rather than what to think can actually lead to an array of rewarding career paths.

Liberal Arts School Success Factors

Students that choose to get a degree in Liberal Arts are people that are interested in and curious about exploring a wide variety of disciplines. Some of which can be found below. As with most career paths, it is of the utmost importance that you have a degree in hand as a part of your educational background. Experience is sometimes not enough. But, with a degree, you have a higher chance of getting your foot in the door.

Liberal Arts School Majors

Majoring in a degree in Liberal Arts program will allow the student to achieve a Bachelor degree. Upon completing this type of degree, the student would then be able to go after jobs that have duties that include historical aspects, humanities and literature as well as social sciences and English composition.

Liberal Arts School Curriculum

There are two main types of Liberal Arts curriculum. The first one is traditional. The second one is classical. Traditional Liberal Arts curriculum consists of a background in philosophy, mathematics and science. A classical Liberal Arts curriculum consists of a background in religion, grammar and arithmetic. Some career paths suggest that you choose a little bit of both in the areas of traditional and classical.

Liberal Arts School Degrees

Traditionally, the Liberal Arts degree would be earned over a four year period. The students would have earned either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. Once the student has completed and undergraduate study, the student would then proceed to go to a graduate school. These graduate schools consist of business, law, medicine or theology. Other degrees in Liberal Arts include; Bachelor of Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Bachelor of General Studies, Doctor of Liberal Studies and Master of Liberal Studies.

Liberal Arts Jobs

A degree in Liberal Arts will give you a wide range of career paths to choose from. These include Anthropology (archaeologists, museum curators), Communication (newspaper reporters, advertising and marketing executives), English (editors, teachers), History (college professors, archivists), Sociology (market researchers, jury consultants), as well as Political Science (policy analysts, lawyers).