Liberal Arts Program

Many universities in the United States are termed liberal arts colleges. In order to qualify under this category, a college usually has a few basic characteristics. Then include small class sizes, a low ratio of teachers to student (a student can have more one-on-one interaction with a professor), they are residential, meaning that the student live on campus, and they generally have a two-year period of education before a student declares a major or field of study. This way, the student can experience many different courses in a variety of fields before deciding which one he or she is most interested in pursuing. The purpose of having the student live on campus is so that they can absorb the cultural, residential, and political diversity of a completely new part of the world.

Liberal Arts Program Success Factors

A student must be open-minded and able to adjust to and learn about a wide variety of topics, including those they may not actually be interested in. The student must also have good time-management skills because they will have to juggle many different classes at the same time, as opposed to a few classes on similar topics.

Liberal Arts Program Majors

A degree in liberal arts is perfect for the college student who cannot decide what to major in, or perhaps does not know what field he wants to pursue as a career after completing his education. Students can major in anything from art to literature to philosophy, just to mention a few.

Liberal Arts Program Curriculum

A degree in liberal arts emphasizes an education of general knowledge, promoting rational thought, as opposed to a vocational or specialized education in a specific trade or study, respectively. A student in this field will take a wide variety of classes which cover topics such as literature, arts, music, political science, politics, philosophy, and mathematics.

Liberal Arts Program Degrees

A student can earn an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in the liberal arts, in the major of their choosing.

Liberal Arts Jobs

A degree in the liberal arts can prepare a student for a wide variety of jobs. Since it provides such a broad education, students can elect to pursue careers in politics, education, literature, and much more.