General Nursing School

Nursing has one of the best expected job opportunities growth when compared to other industries. Furthermore, job positions are available in nursing and residential care facilities, hospitals, and home care services. General nursing is characterized by a modest entry stipulation with low pay, high physical and emotional demands. There is also a limited option of advancement; however, if one goes beyond the general field into a more specific area and skill set the pay will increase, as will options of advancement.

General Nursing School Success Factors

Nursing aids are required to handle specific tasks regarding patient care such as helping patients to eat, dress, bathe, and tidy up their rooms. Nurses also help with phone calls, answering patient calls, deliver messages, serve meals, make beds, take vitals, and draw blood. All of these job requirements show that the skill sets must meet these requirements, as well as to have a good and helpful bedside manner that is pleasing to the patients. Good communication is also a must.

General Nursing School Majors

Within general nursing you can become a nurse's aide, CNA, geriatric aide, unlicensed assistant, orderly, or hospital attendant. Medical fields in nursing also include an RNA, medical assistant, medical secretary, medical transcriptionist, and psychiatric aide.

General Nursing School Curriculum

Training in general nursing is available through vocational technical centers, high schools, nursing care facilities, community colleges, online accredited colleges, and universities. Study of basic math, English, communication, and medical terms is part of the curriculum provided. Students at the end of their course should be able to take a person's vitals, draw blood, and perform required job duties as befits a general nurse's aide.

General Nursing School Degrees

Certification is often provided through the Federal Government guidelines and regulations. A certification such as CNA for certified nurse assistants is the lowest degree program in the field. Other qualifications exist for those who wish to get more education such as the registered nurse aides program, undergraduate degree, masters, and eventually a PhD depending on the goals you have.

General Nursing Jobs

The career outlook for general nursing is very positive especially in nursing, psychiatric and home health industries. There has been rapid growth in the last four years with an expected growth from 2006 to 2016 to be 28 percent in nursing. Home health care is the field with the most growth due to more and more families trying to keep their older family members at home.