General Studies School

General studies programs, sometimes called liberal arts studies or interdisciplinary studies, are a popular choice for many people who are either starting or continuing their education. For community college students, the coursework offers a well-rounded education before beginning a four-year degree. It is also an excellent choice for students in four-year colleges who have not yet decided what their major will be and would like to try a wide range of coursework before settling on a concentration. Additionally, many students decide that they would like to major in this field to give them a better opportunity in today's job market.

General Studies Success Factors

The mark of a truly successful general studies student is someone who wants to learn about everything and who has many different interests. This degree is for the person who loves knowledge, enjoys reading books and newspapers, and likes to bring together everything they have learned to promote their career.

General Studies Degrees

Students who are interested in this major can earn several types of degrees. In community and technical colleges, you can get an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. At the undergrad level, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal, general, or interdisciplinary studies. There are even master's degrees, MBAs, and certifications offered. For the busy professional, for those who cannot commute easily, or for those who would simply like the convenience of taking classes from home, many of these degrees are offered online.

General Studies Curriculum

Students who would like to major or minor in general studies will take a cross-section of courses in many disciplines, including written and oral communication, chemistry, economics, psychology, statistics, finance, ethics, and computers. These courses will strengthen any professional's portfolio or provide essential and general information that new college students will need in today's workforce in order to be successful and advance in their careers.

General Studies Jobs

With such a well-rounded education, students who major in this field have an advantage over others. They can work in many different areas, including education, sales, office management, marketing, lobbying, and business administration. Professionals with this degree are teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, store managers, financial specialists, and technical writers. This is the type of degree that can open up doors for students who would like to begin working right away or for professionals who would like to enhance their career expectations.