General Studies Degree

Are you having trouble choosing a career path? Perhaps you started on a career, but found your were more adept at other courses. General studies are an option for you if you love learning and want to change majors without losing ground. For example, you may enjoy biology, but find after a few years of study you are better suited to psychology. You could major in general studies to obtain a bachelor's degree before moving on to a master's in psychology. With this degree program you have several options for employment from criminal justice, nursing, fashion, art, design, computers, law office, and more.

General Studies Degree Success Factors

Succeeding in general studies is quite easy once you determine where your skills lie such as writing, English, history, psychology, foreign language, or science. The best skill to have is a passion for learning. Organization, management, and a desire to study are all necessary skills.

General Studies Degree Majors

As a broad topic you can major in almost anything with a start in general studies, from biology, English, foreign language, business, accounting, finance, psychology, sociology, education, design, computers, and much more.

General Studies Degree Curriculum

Typical general studies courses include humanities. English, literature, creative writing, geometry, statistics, algebra, calculus, intro to business, marketing, merchandising, languages, intro to psychology, abnormal psychology, childhood development, education courses, world history, ancient history, and other courses can all be applied to a degree in general studies. The first two years are basic intro level courses and the next four years require a choice in humanity courses. These last two years will determine the slight emphasis the student places on their career plans.

General Studies Degrees

The first degree provided under general studies is an associate of arts degree after two years of study. A four year program will provide a bachelor's of general studies. From this point a student can narrow their focus to a master's degree program such as master's in teaching, education, business, biology, etc.

General Studies Jobs

The emphasis you place on your studies in college determines what jobs or careers will be available for you.