General Studies Program

You have always had an interest in history. You have also always had an interest in art, science, literature, and math. Overall, you have always enjoyed knowing a little bit about a lot of things and always found yourself reaching out to learn more about anything you could get your hands on. While many people told you this was a bad thing, that you should just choose something you like and concentrate on that, those people were probably not aware that a degree in general studies existed. A degree in general studies is the perfect degree for those people who want to know a little about a lot of things and do not want to choose a particular field to study in. Before you jump on the general studies bandwagon, here are a few things you should know.

General Studies Program Curriculum

A program in general studies is pretty much what it sounds like: you are getting a degree that covers a variety of subjects without having a hard focus on any one particular area. Today, many businesses want to see that you have a college degree and they do not care what the focus is in. Having a college degree shows that you are capable of learning and are able to apply the skills you learn in a productive fashion. A person who gets a degree in general studies is showing that they exhibit skills in areas like critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, and technical skills but they do not have a specialized focus like a person getting a degree in accounting or finance.

General Studies Program Degrees

A person who decides to get a degree in general studies will only be able to get their associate's degree or bachelor's degree in general studies. Typically, a person who decides on general studies is usually a student who is going to decide on a specific field of study later in their college career but is unsure what they want to do when they first enter the educational system. A degree in general studies is usually considered a gateway degree and is too general to qualify for a master's study program. A person who gets their degree in general studies can apply their credits should they opt for continuing education; however, depending on the field of study, they may have to take some specialized entry level courses.

General Studies Jobs

A degree in general studies will allow you to enter a variety of fields and qualify immediately for a better pay rate. A person with a general studies degree can expect to be hired a jobs where a degree is required but the company prefers to train their employees with their own company program. This degree will qualify you for many entry level positions, but it will mainly help you get the positions that require a person to have a college degree. Fields that accept general studies degrees range from health care, government, real estate, law, or social work.