General Studies School

You probably know that getting a college degree is crucial to getting employment in a number of industries. But perhaps you're really not sure which major or career path you'd ultimately like to follow. If that's the case, then a general studies school might be the perfect place for you. A general studies school teaches you the basics of a university education. It's designed to show that you have the self-discipline and intelligence to achieve a university education in a variety of subject areas. Plus, a general studies school is an excellent gateway to pursuing a major at a higher degree level.

General Studies School Success Factors

Successful students of general studies have the discipline to study and excel in numerous areas of study. They are able to balance a number of responsibilities at once. They have the drive and passion to succeed and are willing to dedicate the time necessary to meet the requirements of their schooling.

General Studies School Curriculum

A general studies school curriculum is design to teach you a basic knowledge of classical studies and study a selection of electives in the liberal arts, humanities, and sciences. Typical general studies courses include English, algebra, chemistry, physics, history, foreign language, psychology, sociology, art history, and many others. A general studies school will teach you how to research and analyze information and examine the meaningful patterns used by countries, cultures and companies.

General Studies School Degrees

An Associate's Degree in General Studies is the most common degree pursued by general studies majors, as it lays the foundation for future career and educational advancement. General studies degrees at the associate's level offer a solid general-education foundation that allows you to plan your degree according to your future goals. A Bachelor of Science in General Studies allows you to choose a concentration that meets your career aspirations. Because general studies is considered a gateway degree, general studies schools do not offer a master's or doctorate degree.

General Studies Jobs

General studies schools are mainly a gateway to higher, more focused schools and degrees. For that reason, there are no specific careers that require a general studies degree. In fact, most careers that require a college degree usually require a degree in a more specific major. However, there are millions of jobs that simply require any kind of associate's or bachelor's degree to show that you have the discipline to educate yourself and complete the collegiate process. Most jobs that accept general studies degrees are positions in administrative support, project management, and materials processing. A general studies degree can also put you in line for management consideration or help you move into more rewarding positions.