Georgia Colleges and Universities

The bustling city of Atlanta is the heart of the Peach State. That's where you'll find a major concentration of Georgia's 200 higher education campuses. Traveling outside of Atlanta can also provide you with other options when it comes to earning a degree in Georgia. Take your pick from Augusta, home of the Masters Golf Tournament or the historically rich Savannah. Among the highlights on list of Georgia campuses would be the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia in Athens, both top the charts of best rated colleges. On the private school front, Georgia is home to Wesleyan College, Morehouse College and Brewton-Parker College. And don't discount the technical colleges: Georgia has 28 of those to pick from.

Georgia Degree Options

You could start out your higher education with an associate degree earned in 2 years at one of Georgia's many community colleges. A certificate program might be all you need to start your new job and George has many opportunities to earn those special degrees. You can also enroll in college in Georgia to get you bachelors or masters degree in science, economics or technology. That's where all those tech schools would come into play.

With the rich cultural and heritage that Georgia has, you can expect to find many exception liberal art degree programs. Colleges in Georgia have degrees and programs for every type of student. The Savannah College of Art and Design or the Art Institute of Atlanta should be your first research stops for those kinds of degree programs.

Beyond the hallowed halls of Georgian academia, you could create your own learning space with a computer and internet hook-up. Like the rest of the country, Georgia has gotten into providing distance learning for their students. Although you would be missing out on a lot of amazing southern cooking, you could still earn a degree in Georgia without ever crossing the state borderline thanks to online learning.

Georgia Career Paths

Students interested in entering into the high stakes and fast paced world of business could do no wrong by earning a degree in finance, business administration or human resources. Colleges like the Georgia State University Robinson, University of Georgia Terry or Emory University are good bets for that career path. Speaking of Emory, they also can boast one of the state's most prominent medical research centers. Earning a degree there is a great set up for employing in the healthcare industry.

So how do you go about selecting such a community college whose education will be beneficial to you? Well, one way to do so would be by asking, and keenly looking for the answers, to these questions:

  1. Is the college accredited? Just remember that a certificate from an unaccredited college may not be worth much, however cogent the technical skills behind it are. And remember that while accreditation may not be an important consideration for you at this point (when, for instance, all you want are the technical skills), you should still care about it. After all, never know – you may find yourself, thanks to the changing winds, having to go out and look for a job on the strength of the certification you earn from the Georgian community college. In that situation, if turns out to be an unaccredited community college you attended, you would be in for a very hard time convincing anyone to employ you.
  2. What is the reputation of the college in labor market? It is in your best interests to ask this question and pay keen attention to the answers you get, especially if you are considering enrolling for the college courses in a bid to improve your employment prospects. Often, the requirement for employment is not just that you have attended college, but also that you attend the 'right college.'
  3. What does education at the college cost? It is in your best interests to do some comparisons. But don't go for the cheapest community college you can find in Georgia, but rather the one that offers you the best value for your money.
  4. What credit transfer possibilities exist for the college? If you attend a Georgia college whose credits can't be transferred anywhere else, you may find yourself stunted, career-wise; as you won't be able to upgrade the qualification you earn from the college. This (credit transfer question) is therefore one you need to be very keen on, especially if you are looking for a qualification that you hope to use to uplift yourself financially.