Graduate Certificates in Acquisition

Working in management is often a way to secure a salary at a large company. Many employers are looking for an acquisition certificate to show experience and qualifications. A graduate certificate in acquisition teaches you about the concepts behind contract management. Students learn about pricing, negotiation, basic concepts of contracts, commercial transactions, logistics and materials management. A graduate certificate requires studying topics related to these concepts, but you can often reduce your time by taking online courses. A graduate certificate in acquisition requires more specialization than a standard degree. Acquisition certificates are often necessary to satisfy a requirement of your state, industry, or company in order for you to work in your field.

Graduate Certificate in Acquisition Professionals

A number of different professionals in acquisition benefit from earning a graduate certificate in acquisition. These include office managers, contract specialist, logistics analyst, purchaser/buyer, procurement specialist, vendor contract manager, corporate negotiator, acquisitions specialist, contract negotiator, materials manager, and buyer.

Graduate Certificate in Acquisition Curriculum

Students often study specialized focuses within acquisition. These include logistics, procurement of contracts, contract pricing, contract law, acquisition law, business law, contract negotiating, negotiation, and business management. A Graduate Certificate in Acquisition program typically takes less time if you follow the correct degree audit. You can also add courses related to finance and statistics to enhance your understanding of this field.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Acquisition

There are three major types of certificates that you can earn in acquisition, which you should find offered by most universities. These certificates range in priority depending on your needs and the needs of your employer. Product Certificate in Acquisition, Professional Certificate in Acquisition, and Corporate Certificate in Acquisition. A Product Certificate in Acquisition demonstrates your qualifications to adequately work with a particular product related to Acquisition. A Professional Certificate in Acquisition demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your job duties. A Corporate Certificate in Acquisition is sometimes required by a corporation and may only be applicable to your employment with that particular company.

Online Graduate Certificates in Acquisition

Many acquisition students choose to study this specialized subject online. This allows for more time to read about complex topics, such as contract law and strategic purchasing and logistics. Earning a Graduate Certificate in Acquisition online allows you to study when convenient to you without having to commute or relocate. Plus, you can continue working while attending other classes if you are earning the certificate along with a graduate degree.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Acquisition

Graduate Certificates in Acquisition offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Certificates are less expensive than graduate degrees.
  • Study the latest updates and technologies related to logistics, tax collection and contract purchasing.
  • Shorter time in school than a degree
  • Specialize in acquisition, which is often necessary to work in a higher responsibility field.
  • Expand your services or job qualifications
  • Meet the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Increase your competitiveness for jobs in acquisition