Graduate Certificates in Adult Education

Education students often add a graduate certificate in adult education to diversify their teaching resumes when seeking positions at colleges and learning centers. A graduate certificate in adult education requires less courses than a full degree, and you can still teach courses for adults who need remedial lessons or want to learn English as a non-native speaker. In addition, graduate certificates in adult education may be required by a college or state education department for you to perform services. If you presently hold a bachelor's degree in a related field in education, the adult education certificate simply allows you to work with adults and out-of-school youths who want to earn a GED or learn basic skills for on-the-job training.

Graduate Certificate in Adult Education Professionals

Teachers are not the only ones who benefit from a graduate certificate in adult education. A number of different professionals in adult education benefit from earning a graduate certificate in this field, including interpreters, immigration specialists, ESL teachers, coaches, and public speakers.

Graduate Certificate in Adult Education Curriculum

Most students who specialize in adult education take certain courses to acquire employment at a community college who offers courses to adult learners. These courses center around English as a second language, computer literacy, reading and literacy education, and typing. Since the certificate simply gives you specialized information, studies take less time to complete, typically a few months to a year, depending on how you take the classes. If you study online, you can finish a graduate certificate in even less time.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Adult Education

Many adult education students focus on an area in addition to learning how to teach adult learners. It is important when going into this field to understand how to use technology to teach basic skills, but you also want to ensure that you understand how to use adult education topics in a classroom. A certificate teaches this required training and allows you to be certified, which you must show as a qualification for most jobs at colleges and higher learning centers.

Online Graduate Certificates in Adult Education

Education students already have so much to learn, but adding an adult education certificate is easier with an online program. You can pick your own courses and design a schedule that works perfectly with your other courses or work hours. This is especially beneficial if you already teach and simply want to be able to teach other students part-time. You can earn the certificate in less than a semester and be ready to teach a course.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Adult Education

Graduate Certificates in Adult Education offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Expand your teaching qualifications to a new demographic.
  • Fulfill the certification requirements of colleges, higher learning centers and your state education department.
  • Finish in less time than a degree.
  • Pay less tuition than a degree.
  • Learn new theories and applications for adult education learners.
  • Specialize in a subject, product, or technology related to adult education
  • Increase your competitiveness for jobs in adult education