Graduate Certificates in Applied Management

Strong leadership candidates are needed for applied management jobs. A graduate certificate in applied management can help boost your resume when applying for positions like public, private and non-profit managers. Some employers require this certificate as a qualification, but many students choose to add a graduate certificate to show their qualifications for a higher position. The graduate certificate is a perfect way for employees to move up into management in any business.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management Professionals

Students go into applied management for multiple reasons, but these students earn the qualifications much faster than someone in a master's program. Students go on to such as professions as food services managers, lodging managers, computer and information systems managers, human resources managers, and social and community service managers.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management Curriculum

You can specialize in a variety of subjects related to applied management with a graduate certificate, including financial accounting, management theory and practices, business law, speech/business communication, ethics of management, marketing, and statistics. A graduate certificate program is shorter when compared to a degree, which allows you to work and go to school, boosting your opportunities once your receive your certificate.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Applied Management

Graduate certificate students specialize in various areas of applied management. For instance, you could specialize in business and law, health or science and information technology. Many of these students go on to work in the very same field after completing the relative coursework. The right certificate will earn you a career in a subject area that you previously have experience with, such as a medical degree or computer science degree, or a technical job that just needs a certificate to expand more job opportunities.

Online Graduate Certificates in Applied Management

An online graduate certificate program teaches you some basics and advanced theories in applied management. The type of information depends on the graduate certificate field. For example, if you choose applied management in health, you enroll in classes like clinical economics, foundations of marketing theory, management and organization behavior, human resource management and quality and safety in health care. Many of these courses are shared in general with other applied management programs, such as human resource management. An online program is much like a traditional college program, only you get to make your own schedule and work from your own home. Typically, online programs take less time, which means that you can finish earlier and still maintain a similar schedule to the one you already have.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Applied Management

Graduate Certificates in Applied Management offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Learn the newest theories related to eBusiness and information systems
  • Earn a certificate in much shorter time than a degree
  • Pay less in tuition fees for a certificate than a degree
  • Specialize in a subject that is relative to your interests and experience
  • Expand your job opportunities and qualifications
  • Gain a competitive edge over other management candidates when applying for jobs or asking for a promotion