Graduate Certificates in Audio Production & Recording

Many master's program require students to go through a certificate program to show their qualifications and experience. This allows you to study advanced topics, such as audio production and recording. A master of music in music theory, education, technology and other related fields may offer a graduate certificate program to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements. You take graduate core courses, research, theory, independent study, audio production courses and technology enhancement studies to earn this certificate, which then allows you to study in a master's program. To enroll, you need a bachelor's degree and some experience with audio production and recording.

Graduate Certificate in Audio Production & Recording Professionals

Many professionals in audio production and recording benefit from earning a graduate certificate in audio production and recording. These careers are based in the music industry and work with intense sound and digital recording equipment. A graduate with a certificate may became a studio technician, assistant recording engineer, music editor, recording engineer, production recorder, game audio engineer, location sound engineer, mastering engineer, sound designer, dialogue editor, studio manager, audio studio designer, and music producer.

Graduate Certificate in Audio Production & Recording Curriculum

Audio and recording students can specialize in subjects related to this popular field in the music industry, including: Mixing and Conforming, Sound Reinforcement Essentials, Monitor Setup and Operation, Digital Signal Processing, Live Sound, Studio Design, Mixing & Mastering, Music Production, Music Studio Etiquette, Recording internship, Location Sound Recording and Mixing , Pro Tools, Intro to Logic, Console Operation, Acoustics, Electronics, Track Programming, Practical Recording, Pre-Production, Analog Signal Processing, Post-Production Essentials, Music Editing, Background and Sound Effects Editing, Foley Recording and Editing, ADR and Dialogue Editing, Electronics internship, Live Recording and Mixing, Lighting and Video Production, Stage and Tour Management, and Live Sound Applications.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Audio Production & Recording

The type of certificate that works with you usually depends on your independent study in music. You could want to further your education in the software or you may just want to understand more about production and editing. Your certificate program will be largely based on your interests in the music production field.

Online Graduate Certificates in Audio Production & Recording

An online program in audio production and recording may be ideal if you have a busy schedule or you have your own equipment. Online courses teach you the basics of audio production and how to use the equipment and software to produce the right vocals and sound. You may want to take online courses in music theory and composition to increase your abilities as a music composer.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Audio Production & Recording

Graduate Certificates in Audio Production & Recording offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Expand your services or job qualifications
  • Fulfill the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Finish in much shorter time than a degree
  • Tuition is less expensive than a degree
  • Learn about the latest technology for music production and recording
  • Transition into a master's program that pertains to your interests in music