Graduate Certificates in Bioinformatics

A graduate program in bioinformatics teaches advanced topics in analyzing biological data and genomic research. Many programs require a graduate certificate in bioinformatics to qualify and show knowledge in this complex field. Whether you are a professional who needs to acquire more knowledge and skills in bioinformatics or you a health care professional interested in the discoveries of molecular biology and genetics, you can earn a graduate certificate in a shorter time than a degree and expand your opportunities. Not only that, but you can tailor the graduate certificate to meet your interests in bioinformatics and take courses that also qualify for graduate courses. You do need a bachelor's degree to qualify for this program.

Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics Professionals

Students and professionals enroll in graduate certificate programs to enhance their education experience. Many professionals earn a bioinformatics certificate including: research associate, director, industry researcher, investigator, professor, bioinformatician, and senior scientist, consultant, biotechnical scientist, and project leader.

Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics Curriculum

The bioinformatic curriculum usually consists of three or more core courses that you tailor to your interests and goals. In general, you will study gene expression analysis, biostatistics, food biotechnology, biological computation, drug design, manufacturing practices, the molecular basis of carcinogenesis, databases and data structures, and algorithms. A Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics program can typically be completed anywhere between a few weeks and a year, depending on the type of Certificate in Bioinformatics you are pursuing and how many subjects are required.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Bioinformatics

Graduate certificates in bioinformatics are particular to the type of knowledge that the professional needs. For example, you may want to study the basic knowledge and skills in bioinformatics beyond an undergraduate level or you may want to understand the methods and technologies that are newest in this diverse field. Computer scientists also take courses for a graduate certificate program in bioinformatics to understand an algorithm's relationship to biological problems and limitations.

Online Graduate Certificates in Bioinformatics

Online courses in this complicated field may be necessary for professionals who already work in this field and simply want to advance their career or knowledge. Many students concurrently take online courses with traditional college classes to maintain an edge or gain entry into a master's program. Online courses give you an easier a way to earn your degree and maintain a flexible schedule.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Bioinformatics

Graduate Certificates in Bioinformatics offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Quickly transition into another field or another career related to bioinformatics.
  • Complete in a much shorter time than a degree
  • Less expensive than a degree
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and technologies related to bioinformatics
  • Specialize in a subject, product, or technology related to bioinformatics
  • Expand your services or job qualifications