Graduate Certificates in Forensics

Forensics is an important field to criminal justice. Whether you want to be a lab technician for crime scene investigation or you simply want to learn more about the different techniques for studying and analyzing evidence, you can earn a graduate certificate and take courses designed around these basic concepts in forensic science. You will learn about the technologies for crime scene investigation and study the different principles important to forensics. Students who have a bachelor's degree can pursue a graduate certificate in addition to other on-the-job training or pre-master's program.

Graduate Certificate in Forensics Professionals

A number of different professionals in forensics benefit from earning a graduate certificate in this field, including: forensic lab technician, lab manager, and crime scene investigator.

Graduate Certificate in Forensics Curriculum

Forensics students specialize in any number of subjects related to forensics, including: criminal justice field placement, criminal justice, fire, arson and explosives, forensic pathology and anthropology, firearms and ballistics, criminal procedures, criminal law, criminal investigation, forensic toxicology and serology, crime scene photography, forensic science, and forensics identification technology.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Forensics

There are various types of graduate certificates for forensics majors. You can choose to enroll in a professional certificate program if you simply want more training to transition into crime scene investigation or if you want to qualify for a licensing examination in you state. Other graduate certificate programs are specifically for master's degree students, such as the pre-master's or post-graduate certificate.

Online Graduate Certificates in Forensics

You may also want to study for your graduate certificate in an online environment, which allows you to create your own schedule and easily finish your certificate in forensic science without having to commute or relocate. There are various programs and studies available for forensic science majors online.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Forensics

Graduate Certificates in Forensics offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Finish in a much shorter time than a degree
  • Less expensive than a degree
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and technologies
  • Specialize in a subject, product, or technology
  • Expand your services or job qualifications
  • Fulfill the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Stay competitive when applying for jobs
  • Quickly transition into this exciting field