Graduate Certificates in Marketing

With a few courses in marketing, you can advance in your current career and understand the latest concepts in relation to this booming field. A graduate certificate in marketing gives you a chance to study strategic marketing, concepts, techniques, consumer buying and copywriting, all of which pertain to understanding more about the world of marketing. Whether you are majoring in marketing or you work in the field of marketing, you can understand the emerging trends and analyze future growth for marketing in the business field.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Professionals

A number of different professionals in marketing benefit from earning a graduate certificate, including: market research analysts, brand or product managers, sales managers, advertising managers, and public relations specialists.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Curriculum

Marketing students specialize in any number of related subjects including: principles of marketing, market assessment, marketing strategy and resource allocation, sales and channel management, global marketing management, price policies, consumer behavior, market research, marketing models and market response analysis, brand management, new product development, and advertising and marketing communications.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Marketing

No matter what your objectives for learning marketing concepts, you can earn any type of graduate certificate in this field, such as a pre-masters for students going into a master's program in marketing or a MBA major who wants to know more about marketing research and planning. There are also professional certificates for those already in careers that deal with marketing but who want to expand their knowledge and qualifications.

Online Graduate Certificates in Marketing

Have you thought about earning an online Certificate in Marketing? Earning an online Graduate Certificate in Marketing gives you the flexibility to study when it's convenient to you, so you can keep working at your current job without having to commute or relocate.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Marketing

Graduate Certificates in Marketing offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Finish in a much shorter time than a degree
  • Less expensive than a degree
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and technologies
  • Specialize in a subject, product, or technology
  • Expand your services or job qualifications
  • Fulfill the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Stay competitive when applying for jobs
  • Quickly transition into this exciting field