Graduate Certificates in Sports Management

The graduate certificate program in sports business gives you the opportunity to work within the global sports industry. You will learn about the recent developments in sports business, including sponsorships, metrics, sports law, revenue strategies and conducting major sporting events. These are graduate-level courses that allow you to work towards a career advancement or master's degree program in a related field.

Graduate Certificate in Sports Management Professionals

A number of different professionals in sports management benefit from earning a graduate certificate, including: public relations specialists, athletic directors, coaches, scouts, sports officials, sports information directors, promotion and development directors for sports teams, and school athletic directors.

Graduate Certificate in Sports Management Curriculum

Business students specialize in any number of subjects related to sports management for a graduate certificate, including: marketing, athletic management, accounting, and sports business management.

Types of Graduate Certificates in Sports Management

There are various types of sports management graduate certificates. You can earn a pre-master's if you want to go into a master's degree program for sports or business. If you are currently working in this field, you may consider a professional certificate, which also teaches you the basics of sports business and development of major sporting events.

Online Graduate Certificates in Sports Management

What's the most convenient way for you to earn your certificate in sports management? When you earn a graduate certificate, you have the option of attending a traditional college or studying online. Taking courses online means you can take courses at a time and place that are convenient to you. You can continue working at your current job. Plus, you won't have to deal with the time, hassle and expense of commuting or relocating.

Advantages of Graduate Certificates in Sports Management

Graduate Certificates in Sports Management offer you many advantages for both your education and your career:

  • Finish in a much shorter time than a degree
  • Less expensive than a degree
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and technologies
  • Specialize in a subject, product, or technology
  • Expand your services or job qualifications
  • Fulfill the certification requirements of your state, industry, or company
  • Stay competitive when applying for jobs
  • Quickly transition into this exciting field