Graphic Design School

Graphic designers take the information that we look at every day, like newspapers, brochures, web pages, and logos, and they make it easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Any time you see a sign in front of a store, a logo on your favorite website, or an advertisement that sticks in your head, it has been designed by someone who is an expert at putting together text and graphics.

Graphic Design Success Factors

If you would like to pursue this type of degree, or take these kinds of courses, you should be a creative person who also has an interest in art, computers, and visual communications. Designers often have experience in desktop publishing and visual arts, along with some illustration background or technical proclivity.

Graphic Design Degrees

There are many different degrees and certifications you can get this field, depending on what kind of career you would like to have. Art colleges and art institutes, as well as community colleges and four-year institutions, offer degrees in graphic design. They include Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts in visual communication, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Arts in design. For post-graduate work, you can get a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or even a Ph.D. in graphic communication. If you already have a demanding job, work several different shifts, or simply would like to be able to take classes when it is convenient for you, keep in mind that these degrees can be earned at home through many different online and distance learning programs.

Graphic Design Curriculum

The curriculum for these programs ranges from more art-centered courses that have an emphasis in fine arts and illustration, to courses that have a focus in computer and desktop publishing. Most degrees offer a mix of these concentrations, and the courses can include digital illustration, web animation, corporate identity, photography, and information graphics. You also have the opportunity to learn different desktop publishing and design software programs that are used to create product packaging, newspaper design, and online, print, and video advertising spots.

Graphic Design Jobs

Careers in this field include being a production artist, in-house designer, computer artist, communications director and coordinator, art director, and print and package designer. At many software program companies, graphic designers and art directors are in charge of a wide range of activities, from website development to software product packaging.