Hawaii Colleges and Universities

If you were to tell someone that you're going to college in Hawaii they would be right to ask, "Which island?" Hawaii is an island chain with dozens of inhabited spots. While most of the state's campuses are located on Oahu, home to Honolulu, you'll still find many other community colleges and universities spread out across Maui, the Big Island and Kauai. All together the esteemed University of Hawaii System overseas three universities and seven community colleges.

Among the private institutions you'll find Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Chaminade University of Honolulu and the University of the Nations nestled in the shadows of the swaying palms and rumbling volcanoes. Even though they are far west, Hawaii Pacific University and the University of Hawaii on Manoa are still considered to be among the top ranked western campuses.

Hawaii Degree Options

Although you could count the number of major Hawaiian universities on one hand, you would run out of digits when it comes to adding up all the degree possibilities you'll find when you enroll in college in Hawaii. At the U of H Manoa alone there are 87 bachelor's degrees and 87 master's degree curriculum to pick from. These include diplomas for psychology, liberal arts, science and business administration. There also many specific degree programs available on the islands. How specific? Consider the degree you could get from the Golf Academy of Hawaii or the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture. It doesn't get any focused then that!

If you decide to enroll in college in Hawaii you can also select from a vast menu of technology or vocations training certificates. Yes, these will be helpful for your career and yes, just because you going to school in Hawaii doesn't mean you can't work!

The idea of online learning versus actually going to Hawaii might not make any sense. How could you pass up paradise? Actually, distance learning is really about affordable and flexible higher education options. You could earn a degree from a Hawaii college without every getting on a plane. Try to explain that to your friends!

Hawaii Career Path

Like every other state that is enrich by amazing weather, Hawaii has a strong tourism industry. That's why campuses like the Travel Institute of the Pacific is the perfect destination to study travel management, resort management or hospitality management. However, this is more to Hawaii beyond fun in the sun. Because the islands are surrounded by one of the most prolific "labs" on the planet, you can expect to find great career options with a degree in marine biology, oceanography, ship engineer and naval architects. Pretty much anything to do with the water is the way to go in Hawaii.