Homeland Security School

It is hard to believe that ten years ago, the term "homeland security" was not even on our radar. Of course, in this day and age, it is a well-known and respected name, and people with degrees in this field have become an important part of our nation's ability to defend its shores and its citizens all over the world.

Homeland Security Success Factors

A degree in homeland security demands that you hold public service in the highest regard and that you are willing to work for the people's safety and the nation's security. This program teaches students how to be leaders and recognize the threats that our country faces, whether it is from natural catastrophes or from terrorism.

Many people who are interested in this field are concerned about the challenge of getting a degree. Professionals such as police officers or other safety and security experts should be aware that schools offer online degrees and courses. In fact, there are many online colleges that have developed degrees for those who are already working in this field or who would like to begin careers in safety and security. Many programs boast collaborative courses that not only offer all coursework online, but also share information with other colleges who have similar curricula.

Homeland Security Degrees

Degrees are offered at all levels, including certificates and post-graduate programs. Community colleges offer two-year Associate of Arts programs in this field. For those who would like to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree, there are bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice and master's degrees in homeland security, emergency management, and public administration focusing on terrorism.

Homeland Security Curriculum

Courses include many options, such as threats to homeland security, cyberthreat defense, emergency and security management, police supervision, and gender issues in criminal justice. Several colleges and universities offer tracks or other program options that you can use to tailor your experience, making your degree even more relevant to your career goals.

Homeland Security Jobs

The jobs that this degree can deliver often involve obtaining cooperation and coordination between federal, state, and local government agencies when dealing with our country's safety and security. Of course, government law enforcement careers are high on the list, and include immigration, customs, transportation, and border protection. Private industry careers for security professionals are also popular with those who have degrees in this field.