Hotel Management School

When people return from a business trip or vacation, they usually tell their friends and colleagues about the hotel or convention center that they used. Good hotel management is more important than ever now because of the hundreds of websites that feature thousands of hotel reviews from travelers. The better the reviews are online, the more guests hotels are able to book, and the better their bottom line is. It's an important factor to keep in mind when pursuing a degree in this field.

Hotel Management Success Factors

To work in lodging, you should be comfortable managing people and events. Travelers expect hotels and resorts to function smoothly, provide clean rooms and other hotel spaces, and have good food and convenient transportation service. The adage "The customer is always right" really does need to be followed if you would like to pursue a degree in this field!

Hotel Management Degrees

Degrees in hotel and hospitality management include associate's programs in hospitality management, bachelor's degrees in hospitality and tourism management, service management and hotel and restaurant management, and master's degrees in hospitality management with a concentration in gaming and casino management. Entire degrees are available online for those who would like the convenience of studying and attending class from home. If you already work in hotel management and you have to man the front desk during college class hours, you can use distance learning to your advantage.

Hotel Management Curriculum

Most programs include a mix of management, human resources, and finance and accounting classes. Hospitality facilities operations, hospitality financial management, business and hospitality law, and general management courses are among the classes you can expect to take. Again, online courses are available in all of these areas.

Hotel Management Jobs

There are many jobs available to those with this degree. In 2007, in fact, more than 600 hotels were established. You can be a general manager and be in charge of an entire hotel operation, which includes budget, human resources, maintenance, food, and events. Front office managers take care of checking in guests and making sure their needs are met. Executive housekeepers, besides being in charge of housekeeping staff, make sure that guest rooms and hotel spaces are clean and that all amenities are stocked. Think of any place that has guests overnight—motels, camps, resorts, casinos, bed and breakfasts—and that is where hotel management jobs are available.