Hotel Management Degree

Most of us have stayed at hotels at least once in our life, but perhaps you never contemplated the education required for this career choice. Anyone in hotel management is required to take general hospitality and then some further training. At the end of your training program you should be able to find a position at a resort, hotel, bed and breakfast, or other accommodations in administration and management.

Hotel Management Degree Success Factors

Hotel management tools such as customer service, communication, and organization are important. However, it is the ability of you to lead, manage, and solve problems that will ultimately help you succeed in this career choice.

Hotel Management Degree Majors

Business administrators, management, CEO, accounting, finance, and general customer service majors are part of hotel management. At the end of a degree program you should be able to obtain a position within a hotel in lower to mid management in order to work your way towards the head management or CEO position.

Hotel Management Degree Curriculum

Some courses you may need for hotel management include intro to management, management, hotel and travel law, human resources, foreign language studies, marketing, intro to business, business, and cost control. The curriculum starts off with introduction courses that will be built on through the four year degree program required for hotel management. Most students work towards a bachelor's degree in order to specialize in this industry.

Hotel Management Degrees

An associate degree is a core degree based on entry level courses that could start your career in lower management or front desk positions. By earning a bachelor's you would be able to increase your knowledge for mid level management of a hotel, up to upper management for running the entire resort or section of resort.

Hotel Management Jobs

Hotel management positions can begin with head front desk, head concierge, head maid service, and other head of the department options in hotels. Most careers begin with an entry level position such as starting as a front desk clerk for a few months before moving up the chain of management. This allows the student to gain knowledge of the jobs below management positions to have a better understanding of how to work with their employees once in the management level. There are stages to management like any other industry, requiring a student to start out slow and build on their work experience before running a company.