Hotel Management School

The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar industry nationwide, and hotels are a big part of that business. With social media making it easier for people to share their hotel experiences with other travelers, managing a hotel properly is critical to the reputation and success of a hotel. Thus, qualified hotel managers are always in demand. Hotel management school teaches you the fundamental of managing a hotel, such as establishing policy and making decisions about general and day-to-day operations.

Hotel Management School Success Factors

Successful professionals in hotel management typically possess strong ability in leadership, written and oral communication, and problem-solving. They are analytically-minded and are able to work with people of diverse personalities and backgrounds.

Hotel Management School Specializations

Hotel management schools allow you to specialize in a particular area of hotel management to better train you for your specific career aspirations. Typical hotel management school specializations include restaurant management and public relations.

Hotel Management School Curriculum

A hotel management school curriculum is designed to prepare you for a career in hotel management. Typical hotel management school courses include nutrition, sanitation, food planning and preparation, accounting, business law and management, industry software, marketing, human relations, and humanities.

Hotel Management School Degrees

Executive-level hotel management jobs usually require a four-year degree to be considered for hiring. To attain these positions, most students earn a bachelor's or master's degree in hotel management or a related field.

Hotel Management Jobs

Job prospects are expected to increase about as fast as average, but candidates with college degrees will likely enjoy better job opportunities. 58% of all hospitality-related jobs are offered by establishments with more than 100 employees. Your job duties as a hotel manager will involve overseeing supervising the various department of a hotel, including culinary, guest services, rooms, facilities, finance, and marketing. It will be your job to coordinate departments, employees, and activities within budgets while maintaining profitability for your organization.