Human Services School

Human services can best be described as "people helping other people." It is a field that encompasses many different assistance projects and programs and focuses on helping groups of people and individuals meet their health, mental, medical, and financial needs.

Human Services Success Factors

To be in this field, you should want to reach out to your fellow men and women on a daily basis. It is not just a field that works only with people; it is also one that requires management and financial skills and an understanding of organizational structures. If you wish to become a therapist or mentor, it is important to be a compassionate listener and to learn about the psychology of people. If you would like to be employed at the executive level, you will need to be familiar with advocacy work and employee relations.

Human Services Degrees

Degrees include Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in human services management. Master's degrees in areas as diverse as social and community services and emergency management are offered at many online colleges and universities. Ph.D. programs are also available in human services with concentrations in counseling, clinical social work, community health education and advocacy, and social policy analysis. For students who would like to continue working while earning their degree, or who are looking for a more convenient way to expand their career options, there are many online programs and courses available in this area.

Human Services Curriculum

The courses in this field are wide-ranging because of the many services and programs that fall under the human services umbrella. For those interested in public counseling work, classes are available in substance abuse, chemical dependency, and counseling theories and techniques. If you prefer managing a non–profit organization that brings services to large groups of people, you can take classes in fund raising, organizational psychology and management, and conflict resolution.

Human Services Jobs

Jobs in this sector have been booming. With a degree in this field, your options are endless. You can work in elder and child care, become a therapist or mental health counselor, be employed by the government at many different social services organizations, be a social worker, run a health clinic, manage a non-profit organization, or teach children at a rehabilitation center. This is a truly rewarding area that provides people with the services they need to live a more productive life.