Human Services Degree

A human services degree provides a rewarding career in social work. Graduates work in healthcare and assist in social work cases from the law enforcement side and case management aide. If you have a desire to help people, this is one service industry with a potential to help many people who may be less fortunate or in need of specialized help.

Human Services Degree Success Factors

Most students who go into human services do so because they have a strong need to help others in any way they can. Communication skills, time management, and a sense of responsibility are other important skills which can help you succeed in this industry.

Human Services Degree Curriculum

The curriculum for human services is based on a certificate or associate degree course. It means that core studies are important, but more emphasis is placed on the areas of study that will help social workers, aides, and physical therapists succeed. The core courses will train students to be observant of their patients, as well as to record details, handle crisis matters, problem solving skills, and create proper case management techniques. With hands on experience students will gain more knowledge in a specialized field such as gerontology, child protection, addiction help, and direct care. Course programs can involve arts, sciences, and humanities, especially in a two year program.

Human Services Degrees

The level of human services you desire to work in will determine if a degree higher than an associate of arts or humanities is required. Most assistant social workers are involved in case work assisting the lead counselor or case worker. However, a bachelor's degree or higher is required for advanced work. A psychology degree at the bachelor's level is important for a higher level position or advancement.

Human Services Jobs

With social work assistants, case management aides, community outreach worker, health care workers, life skills counselors, and psychology positions available, you will need to examine a specific career to find if there is a high outlook for job placement. A high turnover rate usually means government jobs at lower levels are possible, while the more advanced positions are harder to obtain.