Idaho Colleges and Universities

Idaho is to potatoes as Hawaii is to pineapples. You just can't escape the spuds when attending college in Idaho and why should you? They're awesome to have at every meal. Beyond those rolling fields of potatoes, Idaho also plays hosts to over 25 colleges. Nicknamed the Gem State, when you enroll in college in Idaho you're sure to get a valuable education. Capital city Boise is also the biggest urban center in the state. That's where you'll find Boise State University. However, you don't have to go to Boise to get a higher education in Idaho. While you're researching the state's colleges, check out the College of Southern Idaho in Twin falls or the 2 year community college North Idaho College located at the popular tourist destination Coeur d' Alene. There's also the prominent Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa and Idaho State University in Potacello. Plenty to pick from!

Idaho Degree Options

One of the great benefits about enrolling in college in Idaho is that you're never going to get the feeling of being crowded. That can be a very helpful thing when you're dedicating yourself to pursuing a bachelor's or masters degree program. One of the states' most leading four year public colleges is the Lewis-Clark State College. Going to Boise State means you'll be going to one of the top 100 colleges in the country. It's a ranking any campus would be proud of. For technical vocation, you can find degree or certification programs at many Idaho career colleges like Eastern Idaho Technical College.

Enrolling in a college in Idaho could provide you with a peaceful education, but if you want a really quiet campus, consider your own living room. You could earn your Idaho degree from the comforts of your very own sofa. Distance learning has replaced the old fashioned correspondence courses. Today online learning is an acceptable alternative method of getting that advanced degree.

Idaho Career Paths

In terms of population growth, Idaho is now leading the charge. More folks moving into the state or just being born there mean there are going to be more career opportunities in all kinds of support systems like criminal justice, law enforcement and corrections. Not to mention all those legal assistant jobs. You could seamlessly make the transition from earning a degree in Idaho to work in one of those areas. And don't discount the openings that will be made available in the healthcare industry in Idaho. More residents mean more potential sick people that need to be taken care of.