Illinois Colleges and Universities

If Chicago is your kind of town, then you're not alone. It's the place to go in Illinois for wonderful job opportunities, great places to earn a degree and, of course, deep dish pizza! Of the total 300 campuses to be found in the state of Illinois, the Chicago area can boast playing host to 250 of those schools. But you don't have to go to the toddling town to earn a degree in Illinois. You can find many first class campuses in Springfield, Champaign, Peoria or Rockford.

Naturally no research of Illinois colleges is going to skip over Chicago. There you'll find the Illinois Institute of Technology and Northwestern University. But the learning doesn't stop there. Make sure you explore the options at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois. If private schools are more to your liking then you're in luck. Principia College and Loyola University in Chicago are ranked as the two best private colleges in the state. You could also opt to earn a degree in Illinois with a stint at one of their 50 community colleges.

Illinois Degree Options

Opportunities for degrees are everywhere you turn in Illinois. There are literally hundreds of majors and degree programs to select from. If you're looking into specialized schooling then you might want to consider the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, the Illinois College of Optometry of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. For those students who are compelled to earn a degree in liberal arts, Illinois offers Lake Forest College, Knox College, Illinois Wesleyan University, Wheaton College or Elmhurst College.

Before getting your bachelor's or masters degree, you might want to snag an associate degree. This can be accomplished at any of those Illinois community colleges. This can be your stepping stone to the bigger campus experience.

It's a safe bet that if you were to exist on a diet of Chicago deep dish pizza alone, you might pack on a few extra pounds. You could avoid that with distance learning. Enrolling in online degree programs gives you all the benefit of an Illinois education without the pizza. Safe that for your graduation party!

Illinois Career Paths

For many, Chicago is a hub kind of city. From there you can launch into many career paths. As the baby boomers hit retirement age, the need for trained healthcare workers is going to increase. One of the top nursing programs in the country can be found at Loyola University. Beyond nursing you could also study for careers as pharmacists, medical assistant or ultrasound tech. Chicago is also home to a major financial center second only to Wall Street. A business administration or general business degree could set you up in one of this financial industry jobs.