Indiana Colleges and Universities

If you wanted to check out all the college campuses in Indiana you'd be making visits to over 150 different locations. Indiana has been dubbed the "Brain Bank of the Midwest." The reason behind that moniker is that the universities in Indiana attract the most out of state students in the Midwest and the fourth most in the entire country. Simply put, a lot of students are heading to Indiana and can you blame them? They are flocking to Purdue University and the Indiana University which are among the highest ranked college campuses in America. Just those two school systems alone have a combined 13 campuses. On the list is Indiana University and Purdue University joint campuses in Indianapolis.

Keep in mind that Indiana isn't just about Purdue. There are many great places to earn a degree in Indiana such as Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend or Terre Haute. The line-up of state run schools also includes Indiana University at Bloomington and Ball State University. On the private side of things, there is the top notch University of Notre Dame where you can go for the football, but stay for an education.

Indiana Degree Options

If Indiana really is the "Brain Bank of the Midwest" that can only mean there is an abundance of degree programs to select from. Top of the list for earning a degree in Indiana would be a liberal arts degree from an institute like DePauw University, Goshen College or Wabash College. Beyond that the other four year universities have many degree programs made available to their students.

If a four year program isn't your think just yet, have no fear. You can still enroll in college in Indiana by attending one of their community colleges for an associate degree or one of beauty schools, medical technology schools and other types of career institutes for a certification degree.

Not only can a diploma from an Indiana school provide you with a leg up on the job search, it can also give you bragging rights. Distance learning lets you enjoy both of those benefits without traveling to the state. Your online degree will be accredited which means it is every bit as credible as an actual brick and mortar diploma.

Indiana Career Paths

The dominate factor driving Indiana's economy has always been from the manufacturing sector. Beyond the assemble line, there are all kinds of business administrative support staff needed to keep those lines humming. That's why a degree in business management, human resources or administrative services is a very practical choice when it comes to enrolling in college in Indiana.