Interactive Media Design Degree

Interactive media design is a completely new concept in the world of media and technology. This form of media communication is media that are primarily controlled by the user and are aimed at allowing people to play an active role in the product of the designers. For the first time, people can be a part of technology by taking an active role in it. The idea is for designers to make appealing products that the public will want to use and be involved in. An education in interactive media design is essential for success in the field.

Interactive Media Design Degree Success Factors

Successfully earning an interactive media design degree means that you are typically creative and artistic, can collaborate well with team members to execute the artistic vision of leadership, are proficient in math and science, are commonly detail-oriented and enjoy problem solving, have strong written and verbal communications skills, and display perseverance and patience.

Interactive Media Design Degree Skills

Typical interactive media design skills include security, web tools, information architecture, web application development, e-commerce solutions, web servers, and advanced web languages.

Interactive Media Design Degree Curriculum

Typical interactive media design courses include a standard curriculum of math, sciences, and liberal arts, as well as basic HTML, Flash, and Sparkle, and Java.

Interactive Media Design Degrees

An associate's degree in interactive media design can qualify you for entry-level opportunities in interactive media design. A bachelor's degree or master's degree in interactive media design is often a minimum requirement for work in the field of interactive media design. Interactive media design degrees offer certification courses from software and application developers to help you demonstrate that you are proficient on all the new technologies. Top jobs in interactive media design typically require a combination of an accredited internet media design degree and industry certifications.

Interactive Media Design Jobs

Interactive media design degree graduates attract salaries among the highest in the computer sciences. Due to the rapid growth of the internet and web development, interactive media design degree graduates are finding a job market for interactive media designers growing more than three times as fast as the overall job market.