Interactive Media Design Program

An increasing amount of our entertainment, communications and marketing media have gone the interactive route, as media and technology companies have responded to growing market demands for a richer, interactive media. As a result, career opportunities in interactive media design have exploded over the last couple of decades. An interactive media design program teaches you all the essentials of a career in interactive media design, from mastering new technologies, to programming, to creative design. So if you're considering a career in interactive media design, now is a great time to consider the right interactive media design program for you.

Interactive Media Design Program Success Factors

Successful interactive media design professionals are typically proficient in math and science, are commonly detail-oriented and enjoy problem solving, have strong written and verbal communications skills, display perseverance and patience, are creative and artistic, and can collaborate well with team members to execute the artistic vision of leadership.

Interactive Media Design Program Skills

An interactive media design program teaches you numerous skills essential to the interactive media design industry. Typical interactive media design skills include web servers, security, web tools, information architecture, advanced web languages, web application development, and e-commerce solutions.

Interactive Media Design Program Curriculum

Interactive media design programs offer a curriculum designed to prepare you for the many challenges of a career in interactive media design. Typical interactive media design courses include basic HTML, Flash, and Sparkle, Java, and a standard curriculum of math, sciences, and liberal arts.

Interactive Media Design Program Degrees

An associate's degree in interactive media design can qualify you for entry-level opportunities in interactive media design. A bachelor's degree or master's degree in interactive media design is often a minimum requirement for work in the field of interactive media design. You will likely need to take certification courses offered by software and application developers to demonstrate that you are proficient on all the new technologies. A combination of an accredited internet media design degree and industry certifications are usually required for top jobs in interactive media design.

Interactive Media Design Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job market for interactive media designers to grow more than three times as fast as the overall job market, due to the rapid growth of the internet and web development. Interactive media design jobs tend to attract salaries among the highest in the computer sciences, although fierce competition and foreign outsourcing make the job market highly competitive.