Interior Design School

In the past ten years, interior design has exploded. As more and more people have become homeowners, they have decided to hire someone who can arrange their furniture and decorate their walls—and even tell them what color to paint their house. During this time, businesses have also realized the importance of design as they impress their clients with color palettes or make their employees' work spaces more functional. As outdoor living spaces become more attractive in businesses and universities, these are even more opportunities for those interested in this field.

Interior Design Success Factors

If you would like to be in this field, you will need to have a background in art and design as well as computer skills to use drafting programs. Some interior designers also have experience in architecture. Since you will be designing for clients, you should be able to listen to their concerns and explain your vision so that they understand your ideas.

Interior Design Degrees

There are certificates and two-year programs available for those who would like to begin their career right away. You also have the choice of several bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. programs in interior design, architecture and design and even kitchen and bath design. Keep in mind that many art schools and online schools have programs that cater to those who would like to earn a degree online. The choice of distance education has made a real difference for those who would like to learn anywhere they can carry their computer. There is no reason why work or personal commitments will prevent you from earning your degree!

Interior Design Curriculum

Courses include areas like fundamentals of interior design, graphic communication, space planning and design, art history, and designing with textiles. For those who would like to introduce their clients to "green" design—particularly large businesses interested in energy efficient design—there are even sustainable design and LEED classes.

Interior Design Jobs

For those who would like to work with businesses, jobs in this field are available at many retail store locations, corporate sites, and schools. Architecture firms often hire too, and you can start your career as a project designer or facility planner. Of course, there are those who like to work in people's homes to help them make their living areas more attractive. Kitchen, bath, and closet designers often are based in home improvement and home-furnishing stores.