International Business Degree

Generally speaking, international business is any sort of business, financial or otherwise, between two countries. Private businesses generally participate in international business in order to network and have stronger business ties as well as gain financially. Government-run businesses typically operate internationally in order to gain politically and financially. Conducting business internationally requires many aspects to consider in order to succeed as a business.

International Business Degree Success Factors

Successful professionals in international business typically possess strong ability in leadership, written and oral communication, and problem-solving. They are analytically-minded and are able to work with people of diverse personalities and backgrounds.

International Business Degree Specializations

Areas of international business degree specializations typically include business specializations, conflict management, fashion, finance, health administration, hotel and hospitality management, human resources, customer service, e-business and ecommerce, economics, engineering management, accounting, applied management, international business, business coaching, business communications, business information systems, business leadership, international business, management, sports management, technology management, marketing, medical office, operations management, organizational management, project management, real estate, risk management, small business management, and training.

International Business Degree Curriculum

Typical international business degree courses include economics, marketing, business, liberal arts, global business, foreign languages, management, and global area studies.

International Business Degrees

A Bachelor of Science in International Business is required for entry-level positions in American businesses with overseas markets. An MBA in International Business combines the fundamentals of business study with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity, new technology, and international regulations. A graduate certificate in international business or international trade teaches you the principles and techniques of global business strategies, strategic alliances, and government relations. There are numerous valuable certifications in international business, including the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and Certified Documentary Credit Specialist designation.

International Business Jobs

Top industries for international business include defense, maritime shipping, construction, and oilfield equipment. The majority of jobs in international business involve sales and marketing. International business professionals often are required to travel and put in unusual or long hours to match the time zone and customs are foreign countries.