Iowa Colleges and Universities

In many states, the capitol city is where you'll find the top rated schools. That's not necessarily the case in Iowa. Even though the state capital of Des Moines is proud to play host to some great schools, you'll have to journey outside of the big city to tap into some of the big 100 Iowan colleges. You'll have to head to Davenport, Waterloo, Dubuque or Iowa City to scope out the campuses of colleges like the University of Iowa or Iowa State University. Those are the only two state run colleges in Iowa and yet they have managed to be among top ranked in the country.

There are many more private colleges in Iowa then there are public institutions. The round up of those universities includes Drake. You'll also find a decent variety of community colleges spread out across Iowa like Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City or Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.

Iowa Degree Options

The choices to earn a degree in Iowa run the gambit between certificate and associated degrees all the way up to masters and Ph.D. degree programs. The dominant focus for many of Iowa's four year colleges is a liberal arts degree. However, you can just as easily sign up for training degrees at one of the many tech schools that call Iowa home.

Sometimes the best option for a student just starting out in higher education is to get their "feet wet." This means sampling the offerings from a college in Iowa without a full commitment. That can be accomplished when you go the distance learning route. With online education you can try out a field of study on your own time in a very affordable manner. If you like what you're learning you can always make the switch to a traditional campus as any time.

Iowa Career Paths

Thanks to their strong agricultural industry, Iowa has often been referred to as the "Food Basket of the World." Because of that, you're sure to find some amazing agricultural and animal husbandry type degree programs by enrolling in a college in Iowa. All eyes are on our food systems. That's why this field is always open to fresh ideas and new approaches. Once you get those degrees, you can march up to any farm with your resume! There are many other great opportunities to be had in the skilled trades arena. Plenty of Iowa grads have found work in auto repair, welding or radiology.